Brynmill Methodist chapel - original plan
The 1904 Chapel Design from the Western Mail

The Community Centre was built as a Wesleyan chapel with its grand opening in April 1904.  But an article in the Western Mail of 22nd January 1904 about the opening carries a picture of a much grander and more extensive building that the current Community Centre.

A check with the 1917 Ordnance Survey map (taken from Ordnance Survey 25” to 1 mile 3rd edition, 1917) shows only the building we know today.

So what happened? A fire or other disaster? No. The population of the area had grown dramatically in the previous decade, but the trend did not continue due to changes in housing plans, and so it appears that there was no supporting population for a larger church. It seems then that the full design was never actually built. So the1904 newspaper article referred to the grand opening of the current building, intended, it seems, as a schoolroom even though it carried a picture of the full plans.

The Community Centre itself opened in April 1979 and has been going strongly ever since at the centre of the Brynmill community.